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Khalid Malik takes up #ICeBucketChallenge

Khalid Malik takes up #ICeBucketChallenge from CITYFM89 on Vimeo.

One Loud Laugh = One Drenched Khalid
Khalid plays SOL with Zoe Viccaji on the The Breakfast Show!

Spray Out Loud (SOL) Feat Zoe Viccaji on The Breakfast Show from CITYFM89 on Vimeo.

Zoe Viccaji on The Breakfast Show with Khalid

The most anticipated album of this year, Zoe’s “Dareeche” is finally being released after working on it for several years. The album is a life time in the making, as Zoe has been writing and working on these songs since the age of 15, and it is influenced by events in her life.

A few days back Zoe Viccaji joined Khalid on The Breakfast Show to talk about her new album “Dareeche”.

Maha Ali Kazmi on The Breakfast Show

Maha Ali Kazmi a talented singer/songwriter from Karachi, made her debut in collaborated with Overload's Farhad Humayun and released her first single, "Nazar" in 2013. Before that, she was an active part of Pakistan's then-booming rock music scene for years.

Maha joined Khalid to talk about her new single, "Jana Nahin" and her upcoming projects.

Sarah Haider + Khalid Malik + chipkali = Crazyness

Sarah Haider on Baghair Breakfast with Khalid Malik from CITYFM89 on Vimeo.

DJ Wicky on The Breakfast Show

Khalid + a bunch of friends + Birthday Egg Party on ‪CityFM89‬ = Best way to start your Birthdays!

International Love on The Breakfast Show!

Khalid has been working towards promoting love and peace all over the world through the airwaves of CityFM89. We are indulging in some ‘International Love.’
Khalid calls up radio stations around the world to spread some cheer and hopes that his love will be returned… Listen below to find out who returns the love.

'Ask the Captain' on The Breakfast Show with Khalid!

Are you scared of turbulence? Does it make you uncomfortable?
Hear it from a Pilot, Khalid seeks some expert advice on air turbulence...

Josh on The Breakfast Show!

Josh is back! With their new single ‘Chumke Dil Mein’! If you missed them on The Breakfast Show today, you can listen to them right here.

Danish Ali on The Breakfast Show!

Danish Ali, comedian, doctor, radio personality and now love guru on The Breakfast Show with Khalid! Listen in as he tells you how you can score a trip for four to Paris, courtesy of Cornetto.

The Breakfast Show with Faiza Rehman

Faiza Rehman a contestant of MasterChef Australia 2013 in conversation with Khalid on The Breakfast Show.
Faiza's passion for food is ingrained through her cultural influences and love of fusion cooking. Traditional recipes with a modern twist are her specialty.
Aside from cooking, Faiza's other main passion is Youth Empowerment. She is a firm believer in the importance of goal setting and supporting the realization of these goals for young people. Faiza is also a prominent member of Aspire to Inspire - an organization dedicated to encouraging young people to become interactive members of the community whilst pursuing their dreams.[1]

Dilemma of the Day on The Breakfast Show!

Will your friends lie for you? How far would you go for a friend?
Khalid calls a listener's friend to put him to test, have a listen to how far this friend would go...

Sounds of Kolachi on The Breakfast Show with Khalid

Ahsan Bari Music in collaboration with Pakistan American Cultural Centre (PACC) presents 'Sounds Of Kolachi'. A musical experience with an amalgamation of various genres and styles that have been played within the city. Led by Ahsan Bari himself who will be producing the music as well, sounds of kolachi will feature 12 musicians and 5 vocalists as part of a musical ensemble playing various styles and genres. If you missed out on Ahsan Bari in conversation with Khalid on The Breakfast Show, click on the link below:

Natasha Humera Ejaz on The Breakfast Show!

Natasha Humera Ejaz joins Khalid Malik on The Breakfast Show to talk about her music and life as a musician. If you missed out, click on the link below to have a listen!

Khalid's version of 'The Drake Hands'!

Don Juan attempted to woo a girl he met in Starbucks by sending her this video. Unfortunately for him, it went viral all over the web. Here is Khalid's version of the video.

Bushra Ansari on The Breakfast Show!

Bushra Ansari joins Khalid Malik on The Breakfast Show to talk about her new single, Baadar Rhim Jhim. If you missed out, click on the link below to have a listen!

Sharmeen Obaid on The Breakfast Show!

The Oscar and now Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy joins Khalid on The Breakfast Show. Listen below to find out what she has to say about her win and her upcoming projects!

Junaid Khan on The Breakfast Show with Khalid

The Noorie Brothers on Baghair Breakfast with Khalid Malik

Did you miss out the Noorie Brothers joining Khalid Malik for a whole lot of fun on Baghair Breakfast? Click on the video above to get a glimpse of what you missed!

Blended328 on the Breakfast Show

The Country Music band - Blended328, flew all the way from USA and joined us live on the breakfast show with Khalid. If you missed it out then here’s your chance to listen to it again! All you got to do is click on the link below.

Buzkashi Boys On The Breakfast Show

On The Breakfast Show this morning, Khalid Malik talks to Ariel Nasr, producer of the movie Buzkashi Boys

Set against the dramatic landscape of contemporary Afghanistan and the National sport of Buzkashi - a brutal game of horse polo played with a dead goat – “Buzkashi Boys” is a ground-breaking narrative film about two best friends, a charismatic street urchin and a defiant blacksmith's son, who strive to realize their dreams as they make their way to manhood in one of the most war-torn countries on Earth. Shot entirely on location in Kabul by an alliance of Afghan and international filmmakers, “Buzkashi Boys” is a heart-rending look at the life that continues beyond the headlines of war in Afghanistan.

Here is the interview if you missed it on-air:

Watch the trailer here:

For more on the film go to: www.http://www.buzkashiboys.com/

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