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Superhero Me! The candidates are in!

We received hundreds of entries for the Superhero Me contest! Each superhero competing to the be the fastest, strongest and most powerful! We have now shortlisted two of the best superheroes in each of the age categories – 8 to 11 years and 12 to 16 years. Vote for your favorite superhero in each category by ‘liking’ it. The creators of the heroes with the most ‘likes’ will each win an iPod touch. Note: Voting will be open till midnight on the 26th of November.
To vote, click the thumbnail of the desired contestant and click "Like" when the image pops up! The descriptions for each of the superheroes is given below according to the age group they were submitted in!


Zeeshan Taqdir

Super Hero: Coffer Man
Age: 8
Coffer Man possess the following super powers:
1) Super Speed
2) Time Travel
3) Magnetic Powers
Coffer Man aims to save Pakistan from the forces of evil through his super powers

Amna Ahmad

Super Hero: Music Girl
Age: 11
Hi, I'm Musicgirl saving Pakistan with the help of my music. My cool pink guitar puts all villains/enemies to sleep making it easy for me to catch them. My high-pitch singing voice can break glass or any other material of the sort. My shoes have razor sharp blades that cut through any hard material i.e steel, wood, iron, etc, and if I'm trapped and need to escape, they help me to. CityFM89, is my power station, which helps me be a good superhero; as long as it's there, I'm alive.


Ayesha Ali

Super Hero: Pakistani Peace Girl
Age: 16
Instead of powers like lightening, electricity or fire which can kill the criminals, I would rather go for nonviolent superpowers which can change the nature of bad guys instead of destroying Pakistan. By changing the instincts of people, problems in Pakistan can be resolved. I would have mind reading ability with which I could understand the unspoken emotions of people. I would use this power to transform the thinking of the fouls into something pioneering. With the help of my potent wand I would copy the knowledge from one person to another so that the literacy rate of education can be improved and people can get awareness about their life.

Mikail Maqsood

Super Hero: BRQ (meaning lightning in Urdu)
Age: 15
This former electrical engineer now saves Pakistan from the twin evils of power shortages and terrorism by absorbing electrical energies from the sky through his left hand and conducting them to entire neighborhoods through pre-established electrical ecosystems from his right. Though he tries to settle unrest through free electricity, BRQ knows that sometimes, a good whopping is all the bad guys need: 35,000 volts of whooping, that is. His right arm’s augmentation packs a solid shock, the electrical currents surging through his body give him heightened reflexes and blistering speed; his self created electrical sidekick, Chota, assists him whenever he needs the extra help. A 6 foot Pakistani flag rests on his back, though it can be used as an electrically charged battering ram, BRQ prefers to use it as a reminder of who we are as Pakistanis, and what we’re truly fighting for.

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