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Sneaky Pete (Plan B) on the Drive Thru with Wes Malik

Back from their World Tour we've got Sneaky Pete from Aussie band Plan B live in our studios on The Drive Thru last night, here's the show if you missed it!

About Plan B

In today’s world of synthetic beats and manufactured idols it is not uncommon to crave something more bedded in the reality of life experience. Unlike the corporatised pop music of the moment, the Rock and Soul sounds of PlanB’s recent recordings hark back to the days when bands cut their teeth on live shows for real people. This is not surprising considering PlanB’s heritage; the group formed in the mid eighties in Adelaide South Australia, where it shared the stage with the huge bands of the day including The Eurogliders, Goanna, Pseudo Echo, Mondo Rock, The Models, John Paul Young and The Allniters.

During that period PlanB toured extensively across the eastern states of Australia releas- ing a number of singles with national airplay until its members moved on to pursue solo projects in 1984. PlanB reformed in 2009 for the ”More Brass than Class” tour of South East Asia, and during this tour delivered fifteen performances over twenty one days to audiences across the Mekong Delta as well as spending time in a Ho Chi Minh City studio to record with local producer Laurent Jaccoux. The results of this studio time saw the release of the ballad “Call Me” and tour anthem “Southern Delta”. Due to overwhelm- ing demand, the band returned to South East Asia in 2010/11, playing New Years Eve in renowned Phnom Penh Rock ‘n’ Roll venue, “Sharkys Bar”.

Performing internationally is subtly changing this grass roots Australian band. While still full of bold brass and richly textured lyrical content the material recorded on tour reflects the cultural impact of the Vietnam and Cambodian experience on the band, as well as the aggregation of years of life and industry experience.

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