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Red Bull College Cricket 2012 - 2013

After phenomenal success in the first year, Red Bull announces the second edition of Red Bull College Cricket. This time the event will see participation from colleges in 12 countries, including Pakistan, as they compete in the first ever Red Bull World Series Championships. The Pakistani leg of the championship will travel to 9 cities; Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan , Hyderabad , Faisalabad , Bahawalpur and Sialkot in the month of December providing a bigger platform for budding cricketers across the country. Four college teams from each city will play two knockout matches and a city final. The winning teams from the city will head to India in January 2013 for the final. The national champions from Pakistan will then compete with winners from India, Sri Lanka, England, The Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, West Indies, UAE and Bangladesh in a T20 format for the coveted title of Red Bull Campus Cricket World Series Championship. Backed by several cricket experts across the world, standout players from the tournament will also get the opportunity to get exposure with club teams across the world. Red Bull is out to give the dreams of budding cricketers in Pakistan wiiings! It has never been a better time to be a cricketer as Red Bull is out to find the top college talent the country has to offer.

Red Bull is proud to announce CityFM89 as our exclusive radio partner for the event

To reinforce and push the performance enhancement side of the brand.

To generate national interest and the seriousness around cricket for RBCC.

To establish Red Bull as a ‘serious’ cricket brand in Pakistan.

To establish Red Bull College Cricket as the world‘s first ever global cricket college tournament.

To revive cricket in Pakistan at a college level by associating the sport with international cricket experts and local talent.

Tournament Format:
Best team will represent Pakistan in the World series in the College Cricket Championship in India.

Best college from each city will represent their city in the National Finals.

Best colleges from each city will battle it out for the No.1 position of that respective city.

Selection criteria:
Colleges are selected according to their performance in the year 2012 – 2013 in the respective city leagues – This selection will be ratified by the Local Cricket Association.

If no such league exists, the college is selected according to other cricket relevant data available.

Game Format:
ALL MATCHES WILL BE CONDUCTED ACCORDING TO THE T20 FORMAT ( will be run according to ICC U-19/22 T20 format ).

White Leather Ball to be used with a Black Side screen

Matches will be played both in day and night.

Coloured kit will be provided to the Super 8 qualifiers for National finals.

Professional officating umpires will be present at the event.

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