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NAPA - Salgira and Sham Bhi Thi Dhuan Dhuan

NAPA is staging two plays back to back – a double bill of plays – from 14th to 23rd December at The Arts Council at 8 pm daily
The plays are called Salgirah and Sham Bhi Thi Dhuan Dhuan
The cast includes Rahat Kazmi and Nyla Jaffery
Tickets will be available at Agha's, NAPA and at the Box Office.

Double Bill Play

Sham Bhi Thi Dhuan Dhuan

venue: Arts Council, Karachi from 14 to 23 December 2012.
Time: Daily at 8 pm.

Tickets: Rs.600
Rs. 300 (for students only)

Tickets will be available at Agha's, NAPA and at the Box Office.


“Salgirah” (by Javed Siddiqui) is a beautifully written vignette about a suave, sophisticated couple whose marriage is on the rocks. They decide to part like ‘civilized’ people, but are still drawn to each other. Over the years they meet on several occasions, but soon sweet remembrances turn to recriminations and it becomes obvious that they have crossed the river and stand on opposite shores. We learn that once a crystal glass has been exposed to heat it can never survive.
The second play “Shaam Bee Thee Dhuan Dhuan (by Aleksei Arbuzov translated by Rafiq Anjum)” is about a man and woman who are imprisoned in their own castle of loneliness. Both are headstrong. Circumstances compel them to come close to each other only to part because of their unspoken fears and reservation. Gradually they bury their demons. Like many of Arbuzov’s plays “Sham…” too, deals with personal transformations and redemption.
In both the plays, the main characters are played by Rahat Kazmi and Nyla Jaffry.


Rahat Kazmi
Rahat Kazmi resigned from the civil services of Pakistan in 1976 to pursue his love for the theatre, media and education. His contribution has been widely acknowledged both by the critics and the public. In the last 30 years, he has been associated with some of the best theatrical and television productions in the country. He is currently the Head of the Theatre Arts department at NAPA.

Nyla Jaffry
Nyla Jaffry has been seen in many NAPA productions in the last 5 years. Her performance in “Begum Jan” established her as one of our finest stage actresses. She has also appeared in numerous radio and television plays, some of which she directed herself.

Rafiq Anjum
Rafiq Anjum belongs to Bangla Desh and has a deep and abiding interest in the theatre. For many years he was associated with the famous theatre group ‘CHOOP KATHA’. He has translated many plays from English to Bengali and from Bengali to Urdu.

Javed Siddiqui
Javed Siddiqui, the famous Indian playwright, has written plays in Urdu, Hindi and Marhathi. He has written screen plays and dialogues for such prestigious films as Satyajit Ray’s “Shatranj Ke Khilari” and Muzaffar Ali’s “Umrao Jaan Ada.” .His play “Begum Jan” which NRT staged last year was an enormous success.

Zia Mohyeddin
Zia Mohyeddin is the most reputed man of the theatre in Pakistan. He has directed apart from other plays, such classics as Chekhov’s ‘Uncle Vanya’ and ‘The Seagull’, Agha Hashar’s ‘Safaid Khoon’ and ‘Nek Perveen’ for NAPA.
Apart from directing and producing he is the author of ‘A Carrot is a Carrot’, subtitled ‘Memories and Reflections’ and “Theatrics”, a collection of essays on the art of the theatre and about some of the most trend-setting directors and playwrights of our times.
Zia Mohyeddin is the Head of NAPA.

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