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Music Review - MDNA by Madonna

Ladies and gentlemen, Madonna Louise Ciccone is back! And how! We shared her super fabulous Super Bowl performance earlier and of course there was the explosive ‘Give Me All Your Luvvin’ which had us collectively falling in love with the Material Girl all over again.

Her new album MDNA has Madge grooving, sweating, stomping and crooning her way back to the realm where she has always reigned supreme, the world of dance-y hummable pop.

Her first Single’ Girls gone wild’ fires you up instantly, its Madonna doing what she does best with her sexy trademark manufactured raunchiness singing about how she ‘wants so badly to be good.’ The song is an irresistible concoction of synths and dance and explosions of manic beats which instantly transport you to classic Madonna territory. It’s toe tapping, up to date ‘getting into the groove’ madness! No surprise than that this fun number has topped the Billboard Dance/Club Play chart this week. Girls Gone Wild is also Madonna’s 42nd number one on the U.S Dance chart. I watched the video and was stunned by how disgustingly gorgeous she looks. Oh to look so delicious when I’m 53.

Meanwhile ‘Turn Up The Radio’ is by far my favorite track on this album because it’s so unabashedly pop-tastic. Like a sunny day, it’s light and infectious with a bounce that’s all my favorite things about Madonna distilled into a song. It’s love, friendship and a beautiful day with Madge as your soundtrack, what could be better?

‘Gang Bang’, ‘Some Girls’ and ‘I Don’t Give A’....are a disappointment, they’re awfully over produced and overdone. It’s Madonna trying to be edgy and industrial and failing. In ‘Gang Bang’ you hear echoes of M.I.A’s paper plans with the sounds of guns being reloaded etc while ‘I Don’t Give A’ is just any other song on the radio with Niki Minhaj thrown in . These tracks are not Madonna; they’re like auto tuned demos, bad ones.

Listening to MDNA is attending a party sprinkled with Madonna references. In ‘Superstar’ Madge swoons and ‘ooh la la’s’ about her favorite superstar .Her daughter Lourdes makes an appearance on the backing vocals ,perhaps a follow up of sorts to ‘Little Star’, the 1998 song that the new mum penned in honor of her baby daughter. We’ve grown up with Madonna and her seventh album is a celebration of one of the world’s most successful pop diva’s. This is Madonna’s album and every song has a little story from the ‘B-Day song’ featuring M.I.A which has Madonna’s much maligned faux British accent making an appearance to the beautiful ‘Masterpiece’ a slice of something positive to come out from her box office dud ‘W’.

MDNA sparkles yet fails to shine completely. Its Madonna having fun in an eclectic upbeat way though its apparently on track for the biggest second-week sales drop ever. With analysts expecting it be on pace to suffer an 88 percent drop in week two on the Billboard charts. Whatever the oscillating fortunes of MDNA might be it’s just a blip on the Magnificent Madge Juggernaut with the Queen of pop kick starting her World Tour on the 29th of May this year.

2012 is all about Madonna.

Lady Gaga who?

Written by: Sophia Saifi

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