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Clementine & The Galaxy Materials on Fashion Frequency

Tune in to Fashion Frequency tonight at 7PM and catch Clementine & The Galaxy Materials LIVE on the show with Ammar Belal.

*If you missed the show, stream it in the link below!

Clementine & The Galaxy
Clementine & The Galaxy

Clementine & The Galaxy’s whirling blend of soaring vocals and synth-driven electronic pop has earned them a reputation as one of indie music’s fastest rising acts. The NYC-based duo of vocalist Julie Hardy and producer Mike MacAllister have only released a handful of Internet singles – original tracks Crying My Whole Heart Out and Complication and a captivating cover of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box – but already critics such as Time Out New York, The Huffington Post, AOL Spinner and The Deli Magazine (which ranked the band one of their top Emerging Artists for 2012 and 2013) are taking notice. With the band’s self-titled debut EP set for release in April 2013, Clementine & The Galaxy is poised to become one of the years’ breakthrough artists.

The duo formed when Hardy, an in-demand session vocalist, and MacAllister, a composer for film and TV, worked together on a commercial project. During their collaboration the two discovered a shared musical sensibility and creative chemistry that eventually took shape in the form of Clementine & The Galaxy.

“We were in the studio working on a few of Julie’s songs,” explains MacAllister. “They were pretty firmly rooted in an indie-pop/singer-songwriter kind of place. When we started working on Crying My Whole Heart Out a whole new set of possibilities for our collaboration opened up. The song seemed to demand a treatment that was much more electronic than anything we had done before and soon after we finished recording the track, it was clear that this new direction was far cooler than our other material (which we quickly scrapped).”

Hardy continues “Clementine & The Galaxy is where Mike and I get to experiment, we get to cross lines we don’t usually get to cross and take the music to a stranger place. We’ve both done a lot of commercial work, which is great, but it’s for someone else. This music is wholeheartedly ours. We make it to please ourselves, and we hope other people enjoy it too.”

Front-woman Julie Hardy is a professional singer who has performed live with Ellie Goulding on Saturday Night Live, St. Vincent on David Letterman, and in countless television commercials and films. A jazz vocalist by training, Hardy is a successful solo artist who has received rave reviews from the New York Times, Time Out New York, Downbeat and Jazz Times. In addition to her work as a performer, Hardy also teaches Vocal Jazz at New York City’s prestigious The New School.

Clementine & The Galaxy owes its crisp and ethereal sonic architecture to producer/composer Mike MacAllister. MacAllister’s music has been featured in ads for XBox, Nike, and Levis, and has scored multiple films including “Freakonomics: The Movie” and “The Spirt of Laxmi,” which were selected to premier Tribeca Film Festival.

“Spacey, playfully proggy art pop in the Bowie lineage” – Time Out New York

“[Clementine & The Galaxy] knocked it out of the proverbial park” – Huffington Post

“This duo project between pitch perfect vocalist Julie Hardy and producer/guitarist Mike MacAllister is set to blow up.” – The Deli Magazine


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