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‘Mind Maps for Business’ With Tony Buzan

Are you aware of the fact that you only use 1% of your brain and the rest is still sleeping? Fasten up your seat belts and take an exciting ride with Octara to explore the remaining 99%.
This Feb, Octara brings in amazing opportunity to learn more about Mind Map, from none other than the inventor himself – ‘Mind Maps for Business’ with Tony Buzan, for the first time in Pakistan. Discover the incredible nature of your brain and learn proven mind mapping skills to unlock its true potential.

Over the decade Octara being a premium training solutions provider has offered a diverse range of training courses from technical to core‐skills performance improvement programs with international consultants and trainers paving a revolutionary path for the corporate sector.

‘Mind Maps for Business’ focus on elementary mind mapping tools and their practical applications to leverage your business. Whether you wish to manage any project, consolidate information or plan your schedules, mind mapping would definitely help you get through this…

Join us at Sheraton Hotel Karachi on 18th Feb’2013 and explore your learning capacities as Tony Buzan takes you through a never‐ending journey of Mind Mapping. Octara welcomes CEOs, Managers, and Executives eager to improve their brain storming, trouble‐shooting, failure analysis and forecast methods to join this exclusive opportunity. Live on in exile and among future generations, Mind mapping is your thing!

For Registration visit www.octara.com or join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/teamoctara
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