Tuesday 26th May 2015
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July 1, 201410 months ago
Keep Inspiring: Humaira Bachal
Humaira Bachal is the founder of Dream Model Street school Karachi joined Sundus on Ramzan Diaries... Read more
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January 30, 20141 year ago
Maria Meer on Faisalabad Diaries with Yasir
Maria Meer, an eliminated contestant of Pakistan Idol in conversation with Yasir on Faisalabad Diaries... Read more
January 21, 20141 year ago
Keep Inspiring: The 3 Female Carpenters - Amna, Farman and Aquila
Amna, Farman and Aquila - the 3 Female carpenters from 'CIQAM' made it to our Lahore station all the way from Hunza... Read more
December 16, 20131 year ago
Bilal Tanweer on 89 Chapters with Mahvesh
Pakistani debut novelist Bilal Tanweer joins Mahvesh to talk about his novel The Scatter Here is Too Great... Read more
December 12, 20131 year ago
"Girl Rising" in Pakistan
Initiative to host in Pakistan a two week girl education advocacy and fund raising campaign through the screening of the internationally acclaimed film “Girl Rising” in December 2013. Read more
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July 30, 20131 year ago
'Burqa Avenger' on The Drive Thru with Wes Malik
The Pakistani pop star Aaron Haroon Rashid joins Wes Malik on The Drive Thru to talk about his new TV cartoon 'Burqa Avenger'. Read more
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February 20, 20132 years ago
City Sessions: Omar Tajammal Feat. Talal Qureshi
Having heard that Omar Tajammal was in town, we got hold of him and decided to cook up a session with him, on our latest City Session. Read more
December 31, 20122 years ago
2012 Pakistani Music Round-up
2012 was a good year for musicians who push the boundaries of an otherwise formulaic industry. It was a year inhabited primarily by young artists, most of whom operated out of bare bones home studio setups. Read more
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November 2, 20122 years ago
City Sessions - Bell
In our latest edition of City Sessions, we have for you one of Karachi's mellowest bands: Bell. The music of Bell transcends you into a state of calm, they are the kind of band you want to listen to while sitting in your balcony on a cool breezy afternoon sipping a cup of chai. For [...] Read more
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October 15, 20122 years ago
Forgotten Hope: 8 things that aren't half bad about Pakistan
I can’t help but agree that things in Pakistan don’t look so great. At this point our futures seem bleak, violent and void of optimism. Lost in an abyss of hopelessness, each one of us cringes at the mere thought of accidently landing upon a news channel while enjoying our addictive Urdu dramas. Read more