Tuesday 27th January 2015
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Aware89 Blog
March 6, 201410 months ago
Keep Inspiring Girl Talk with Shazia Mohamed
Shazia Mohamed art therapist extraordinaire in conversation with Aneeta on Girl Talk... Read more
March 4, 201410 months ago
Aman Foundation on The Breakfast Show with Khalid
Dr. Mohsin, and Seher Ahmed from Aman Foundation joined Khalid on The Breakfast Show... Read more
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March 4, 201410 months ago
Keep Inspiring: Girl Talk with Rabia Gharib and Talea Zafar
If you missed out on Aneeta in conversation with Rabia and Talea from ToffeeTV, click here... Read more
February 10, 201411 months ago
Keep Inspiring: Sumra Ahmed on Girl Talk with Aneeta
Art as therapy is using art therapeutically to engage individuals socially as well as emotionally... Read more
January 21, 20141 year ago
Keep Inspiring: The 3 Female Carpenters - Amna, Farman and Aquila
Amna, Farman and Aquila - the 3 Female carpenters from 'CIQAM' made it to our Lahore station all the way from Hunza... Read more
January 8, 20141 year ago
Keep Inspiring: Lizzie Velasquez
She was titled “The World’s Ugliest Woman”, on a YouTube video, but that did not stop Lizzie from standing tall as she confidently faced the world one day at a time... Read more
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November 29, 20113 years ago
Natalie Warne: Being young and making an impact
The Aware89 blog is a space for us to share inspiring stories both locally and from around the world that tell us how people are contributing to change in the simplest ways. You too can use this space to let us know what you're doing to make a difference in your school, college or community. [...] Read more
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October 17, 20113 years ago
Dawn Relief for Flood
They have lost their homes, their livelihoods and their loved ones. Pushed from one tragedy to another they need your help now more than ever. Be part of the solution. Donate Now. Read more