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Arjun The Band on Faisalabad Diaries with Yasir

Formed in 2008, Arjun the band has steadily grown a large following of admirers in their home country and now also in Pakistan. They garnered mainstream attention when they were featured in Hindustan times in 2012. Arjun the band consists of the duo of Arjun Singh Rawal (Vocals/Lead Guitar), and Varun Arora (drums). A few days back they joined Yasir on Faisalabad Diaries to talk about their music and to perform LIVE for us, if missed out then click on the link below and have a listen:

Annie Khalid on Faisalabad Diaries with Akash

Annie Khalid started her singing career in 2005. She met a music arranger through a friend who helped her compose the simple yet catchy song.
With her simple rendition and style of singing along with catchy lyrics, the song became an instant hit and Annie was soon given the title of ‘Pakistan’s Britney Spears’ by her fans.
A few days back Annie joined Akash on Faisalabad Diaries to talk about her music and career. If you missed out, click on the link below and have a listen:

Maria Meer on Faisalabad Diaries with Yasir

Maria Meer, an eliminated contestant of Pakistan Idol in conversation with Yasir on Faisalabad Diaries, talks about the release of her new song and her experience before, during and after Pakistan Idol.

Fahad Javed on Faisalabad Diaries with Yasir

Talented singer and performer Fahad Javed was on the show yesterday with Yasir! Hear him talk about his new song Shashkay Vai Shashkay which in his own words he describes as:
"...the feeling of satisfaction and completion when a person has everything"

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