1 CityFM89's Celebrity Playlist: Louis J. Pinto (Gumby)

You know you're in for a fun journey down music's memory lane when one of South-Asia's most popular drummer joins you for a one-on-one conversation about the songs that inspire him. One sunny afternoon we sat with Gumby in his studio and had him share his personal playlist of the jazz music he grew up listening to. In our first ever edition of "CityFM89's Celebrity Playlist" we bring to you: Gumby and his Top 10 Jazz tracks

(Gumby sits comfortably in a big chair in front of his mixing console and begins)

"The first one is a classic, I think most of us have heard it. For some strange reason this song has always given me a winter feeling. I guess maybe it’s the lyrics. The first time i heard this song was round about the time when i think i saw snow for the first time. This is Ella and Louis with Moonlight in Vermont"

"The next song is one of my all time favorites, it’s probably in all my playlists; in my car, ipod or home system. It’s by a horn player called Paul Desmond who is well known for playing with the Dave Brubeck band, people might know them for their famous track Take Five, Paul Desmond actually came up with the melody for that track, so there's some information for you guys right there This one's called Taste of Honey and its certainly one of my most favorite instrumentals".

"Third song is by John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman. I'm sure most of you have not probably heard of Johnny Hartman, he has one of the greatest sounding voices i have ever heard and of course john Coltrane being one of the maestros of horn playing. I would love to dedicate this song to someone special on valentine’s day... some of you might find it a bit cheesy like that, but i just really love the way this song starts with just the saxophone playing then with Johnny Hartman singing, it’s wonderful. The song's called my One and Only Love"..

"This next a song is again one of my favorite modern jazz guitar players called Pat Metheny. Amir Zaki had introduced me to his music roughly about a decade and a half ago and initially i really didn’t get it. Maybe it was a little too out there for me, especially for someone who was there in his late teens early twenties and listening to a lot of rock n roll like rush and stuff like that so over the years i realized that the kind of scale, melodies and arrangements that his band would create was outstanding. I would like to introduce a song by him which pretty much got me into listening to a lot of his stuff, it’s called Last Train Home".

"Harry Belafonte is a name which i actually recently discovered. I had been listening to his stuff for a very long time, i remember listening to his stuff on a gramophone back in in the days in our house. I never really knew who this song was by, my mom taught me this song when i was 3 - 4 years old. It’s called Hole in a Bucket. Its performed in a very interesting way which is really unusual for this part of the world i think. They sing it out like it’s some sort of a theater thing and its very interesting because when you hear the track you have this crazy imagination in your mind of how they're acting out the song and it’s something that really takes me back to my childhood and a lot of memories there".

"This next track is froma duo called Tuck and Patti. Tuck Andreas is a phenomenol guitar player, he's an ensemble within. If you're a musician you would certainly appreciate his guitar playing as it is beautiful, melodic and you cant take your mind off what he's doing, not a big fan of Patti but you should definetly check this song out, its a cover, it's called Castles Made of Sand".

"The next track again is one of my favorite tracks by Pat Metheny, this however has been his most unusual production. It’s from an album called imaginary day and it’s called the Roots of Coincidence. For people who have been following Metheny this is a complete surprise to them and people into more modern style of things like jazz/fusion coming from Europe etc. will be able to relate to this track".

"The next track is by a Swedish band called Esbjorn Svensson Trio, i don’t even know if I’m pronouncing it correctly. The first song i heard by them was through an RJ at 89 Mr. Masood Hasan, uncle had introduced me to this band i remember we were hanging out and he said you have to check this band out. This was the song he played me and i was instantly hooked on to it. They're just an amazing trio, the name of this song is Dodge the Dodo. I don’t know what Dodo means but i hope you enjoy it".

"The next song is by this band I’ve been following for long called Steely Dan. For most people it would be offensive to explain what a Steely Dan is but this song is called Jack of Speed".

"The last track is again by Esbjorn Svensson Trio, i hope i said that correctly, a little bit about this band, they're a 3 piece band; their drummer is phenomenal, he's very innovative and tries out different things with his playing. If you like this stuff you should definitely check them out, this is EST a band based out of Sweden, this track is called from ‘From Gargarin's Point of View’. For those of you who don’t know, Gargarin was the first man to go into outer space and he was Russian so check it out".

Compiled by: Talha Wynne
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